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Union Lodge # 3

A.F. & A.M.

McMinnville, OR

Early records of the Lodge indicate that on July 1, 1876, the lodge purchased ten acres of land for $180 for a cemetery. Provisions were made, among other things, for the burial of the indigent, and the general assistance of McMinnville Masons at funerals is recorded.
In June 1897 the Lodge acquired its first addition to the Masonic Cemetery, two and one-half acres of land for $100 and the right to a certain spring of water for $125.
Brother William McChristman's will began a Trust Fund of $5,000 to beautify and maintain the cemetery in 1904. The lodge established a five-member commission, with overlapping terms of office, to supervise and manage this Fund. Money hereafter coming into possession in trust in connection with the cemetery was to become a part of the Christman Trust, which today exceeds $50,000.

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